This Week in Chia #0 – 2023 Week 52

This Week In Chia is an amazing Chia resource created and maintained by @steppsr. (Fun fact: the website is hosted on Chia DataLayer!) With his permission, we’re trying a weekly syndicated post on organizing and summarizing all the happenings of the week.

Dates: 2023/12/24 – 2023/12/30


  • @XCHSCRIPTIONS announces they are working on creating a Layer 2 for inscription and also hint at smart contract extensions in the future. • Source
  • @XCHSCRIPTIONS announces XSIPs, proposals for improvement to the XCHS protocol. For now the proposal format should be similar to EIP/CHIP. • Source
  • @SlowestTimelord announces the compressed netspace tracker now includes NoSSD data as well. Almost 60% of the effective netspace securing the Chia blockchain is coming from compressed plots (not counting BladeBit). • Source
  • @Evergreenminer announces they’ve added some new payment methods. is the first native XCH merchant account, and Solana Pay is a fast and cheap way to pay in USDC! • Source
  • @smertxfo0d announces Episode 1 of the new Chia YouTube PodCast “The Chia Pod w/Fo0ds” goes Live on January 1st, 2024! Time to be announced.. • Source
  • @foxypool announces the legacy chia farming gateway for users with Chia < 2.0.0 will be shut down in 3 days on January 2, 2024. • Source

NFT Projects


  • @michaeltaylor3d announces the first “Browser Coin” written in ChiaLisp on mainnet. This coin is the glue for the mesh Chia DataLayer network he is building. This is the first step in building the DIG (decentralized internet gateway) node. • Source
  • michaeltaylor3d announces Browser Coin and its driver code is complete. You can “Add Peer Server”, “Delete Peer Server”, and “Query Peer Servers for StoreID”. So now any DataLayer Web2 gateway knows where to route the users requests to retrieve any datalayer data from any node on the mesh network. CLI tool coming soon to create your own Browser coins! • Source
  • @spacescan_io posts link for latest mempool trends in the charts section. • Source
  • @michaeltaylor3d releases new javascript/typescript npm package for Chia condition codes. • Source
  • @chia_mine released chia-agent version 13.2.0 which supports chia-blockchain 2.1.2/2.1.3! This update includes RPC API for DAO functionality. • Source
  • @michaeltaylor3d announces he is renaming “Browser-Coin” to be “Server-Coin” since it’s a coin that allows you to discover servers for a datalayer store. Also, he released a prototype for a CLI tool to create your own server coins. • Source
  • @pawket_app releases exciting new update to the Pawket wallet with ability to ‘merge coins’ on the inscribe page. Now you can max out at 200 inscriptions, and watch as all your ‘sand coins’ merge into a single coin! • Source





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