How to use dexie’s “Bump Fee” Feature to Expedite Stuck Transactions

The Chia blockchain has entered a new era of consistently full blocks and even often a full mempool. This is largely attributed to the recent XCHS inscriptions craze and has resulted in some users experiencing “stuck” transactions if they did not include a high enough blockchain fee.

There is a way to get a transaction unstuck by replacing the transaction in the mempool with one with a higher fee. This is called “replace by fee” and is easier said than done since there isn’t an easy wallet button to streamline this — but it will be coming soontm.

What Fee to Use?

It depends on the size of the spend bundle. For a standard transaction, a fee of at least 0.00005 XCH (50,000,000 mojos) and also meeting the below conditions will be required.

Replace by fee conditions from the reference full node (source)

dexie provides a nice way to do this and informs you of a suggested transaction fee to use.

Using dexie’s “Bump Fee” feature

dexie released a feature that takes advantage of how spends and signatures in Chia can be aggregated. This allows *anyone* to find a pending transaction and help expedite it through by appending a higher fee. NFT creators or offer makers will find this helpful if they are motivated to ensure a pending trade goes through.

Here’s how to use the Bump Fee feature:

  1. Find your stuck offer (or someone else’s stuck offer) on dexie.
  2. Click “Bump Fee” on the offer details page.
  3. Create an offer for the listed amount with an appropriate network fee. Make sure to disable clawback on this offer.
  4. Paste in the offer contents and merge.

Visual Example of “Bump Fee” in Action

I saw a long pending transaction on one of my NFTs with an open Offer.
On the Inspect page of the transaction, click the “Bump Fee” button.
The pop up will give you details for the Offer you need to create along with an estimated fee.
I created an Offer with those amounts. I opted for an even higher than recommended fee to be safe. Ensure clawback is disabled.
Open the created Offer File and paste the contents into the modal. Click “Merge and Bump Fee”.
Confirmation of fee bump submission.
Wait a minute and see that the atomic swap is now completed and settled on chain!
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