This Week in Chia #1 – 2024 Week 1

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2023/12/31 – 2024/01/06


  • @michaeltaylor3d hints at his 2024 Chia plans: Sprout UI, Decentralized Internet Gateway (DIG Node), incentive program on DIG, DataLayer Minions NFT, non-profit Chia Advocacy Group or to sponsor community projects. • Source
  • @MarvinQ96 announces in the coming weeks Ozone will be making changes to the servers to improve synchronization times. As a result, Ozone is closing their pool Biopool to focus on Ozone and improve the service. • Source
  • @monkeyzoo announces a record 12 Days of Christmas event, raising 114 XCH this year! That is more than double last year! 🙊 The XCH raised will be split 50/50 between @spacescan_io and @FiendStudios! Congrats to the whole Monkeyzoo team and thanks to @acevail_ for gifting all the auctions on Mintgarden! • Source
  • @SlowestTimelord announces a weekly summary from This Week In Chia will be cross-posted to as well, potentially providing a place to comment, search, and translate! • Source

NFT Projects



  • @trepca posts example on how to fetch inscriptions in MOJONODE & a link to using the API query directly. • Source
  • @geoffrey_io announces he made a Chia CAT that you can mint yourself, but only if you’re also spending XCH to complete an offer. He seems to be using ASSERT_CONCURRENT_SPEND in Chialisp. See his Explainer for more details. • Source




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