Announcing Winners of The Chia Offer File Contest

Last month, we put out a call for participation in the first ever Chia Offer File Contest. Thanks to community donations, the prize pool grew to 10 XCH worth of XCH, CATs, and NFTs. Thank you to all that participated, here are the winners in each category as selected by our esteemed panel of community judges.

Most Creative Offer File

Winner: @MrDennisV
Prize: 1 XCH, 7000 SBX, 7000 HOA, Hardi Boi #1097

Mr. Dennis submitted a 2 hour long GIF that encodes an offer file in binary represented as black and white frames! He even included his Python scripts used to generate this.

Most technically impressive Offer File

Winner: @monkeyzoo
Prize: 1 XCH, 7000 SBX, 7000 HOA, Little Bunny #17

MonkeyZoo submitted two Offer Files embedded directly in a Tweet that demonstrate the power of a new NFT feature called Fusion as described in CHIP-0021.

The first is the “Fusion Offer File” that allows a user to combine (fuse) two NFTs into a single one. The second is the “De-Fusion Offer File” that reverses a fusion, allowing a user to reclaim the original NFTs used in the fusion. This brand new feature unlocks a lot of possibilities with what creators can do with NFTs!

Most difficult Offer File to decipher

Winner: @dbc___
Prize: 1 XCH, 7000 SBX, 7000 HOA, 7210 Mutant Ape

dbc submitted an image with an Offer File embedded using steganography. I haven’t seen someone post a solution to how to decipher this but the offer was taken March 29, meaning somebody did manage to figure it out!

NFT image with Offer File embedded using steganography (Source: MintGarden)

Sexiest Offer File

Winner: @TanyiAttila
Prize: 1 XCH, 7000 SBX, 7000 HOA, NANDy Crew #1209

Another image with an Offer File embedded with steganography, but this time it’s a 70’s pin up model. This one is directly decodable with an online tool.

Offer File with the widest reach

Winner: @CF_Lost_Gifs
Prize: 1 XCH, 7000 SBX, 7000 HOA, UM 16 Bay LFF

CF_Lost_Gifs submitted perhaps the largest Offer File ever coming in at 109 KB. The Offer File itself is offering 18,446,744.07370955 XCH for an NFT of an on-chain sprite sheet for the controversial Chia Friends Lost Gifs collection. Because the image is on-chain, this inflates the size of the NFT and hence the offer itself to nearly the maximum allowable size — the very large and specific requested XCH amount fully maxes out the size.

Chia Friends Lost Gifs on-chain sprite sheet (Source: Mintgarden)

Honorable mentions

Offer by postal mail

Honorable mention: @CassXCH
Prize: 80000 ANGEL

Cass submitted his early unique method of sharing an Offer File — by postal mail! He shipped a physical letter to select winners with a scratch-off QR Code containing a link to an Offer File for a CAT.

Shortest Offer File

Honorable mention: @yuzhi5495
Prize: 80000 ANGEL

Yuzhi’s submission was short and sweet: kFjY9

This can be linked to an Offer File using the short code generator service.

The Impossible Offer

Honorable mention: @bhut_head
Prize: 80000 ANGEL

Bhut Head put an Offer File in a shielded Zcash transaction memo, making it nigh impossible for a third party to retrieve.

Thank you all for the interest and participation, it was really great seeing all the creative juices flowing to showcase the simplicity, flexiblity, and trustlessness of Offer Files!

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