This Week In Chia #13 – 2024 Week 13

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/03/24 – 2024/03/30


  • @SlowestTimelord discovers a possible stablecoin coming to Chia from @ehf_dao. HUSD stablecoin collateralized by BTC/ETH cross-chain. EHFT is the governance token distributed through using the platform. Do your own research. • Source • EverHarbor Finance Whitepaper
  • @hoffmang posts “AGG_SIG_UNSAFE can mimic AGG_SIG_ME condition” Post-Mortem. This explains how Chia had already softforked to protect against the 1M $XCH coin someone attempted to spend today. • Source
  • @BenAtreidesVing with the NAMESDAO team put out a call for developers! Check the source for more details! • Source
  • @steppsr announces TXCH Faucet has been upgrade to support Chia Testnet 11. Perfect for doing some CircuitDAO testing! • Source
  • @warpdotgreen makes first tweet to announce update on the Bridge! “All eligible candidates have been interviewed, and the selection committee is now reviewing applications. Validators are a crucial component of the bridge, and such an important decision takes time. We expect validators to be informed of their status next week.” • Source
  • @warpdotgreen announces logo contest. Submit your entry to the Source tweet before Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024. The prize is more than 4.2 XCH currently. • Source • Prize Address


  • @foxypool announces a number of updates:
    • Foxy-Farmer v1.22.2. Fix crashing on exit when the chia daemon does not respond to the exit command. • Source
    • Foxy-Farmer v1.22.3. Update to gigahorse to 2.1.4.giga32 • Source
    • Foxy-Farmer v1.22.3. Update Update gigahorse to 2.2.1.giga33 • Source
    • Foxy-Farmer v1.22.5. Update Chia to 2.2.1, update DrPlotter to 0.12.0, update gigahorse to 2.2.1.giga35. • Source
  • @myxchspace announces Domain Name, Linkhub, Blog space, and Easy XCH Payments. Get a name between 3 and 17 characters, all for 0.25 XCH/year! • Source •
  • @acevail_ announces a way to allow creators to specify metadata in a #Chia minting offer, instead of precommitting it! Check the source for full details. • Source • Secure The Mint
  • @monkeyzoo launches Fusion Zoo – Fusion allows NFT owners to merge, split, and enhance their NFTs in a trustless and decentralized environment. See source for full details. • Source




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