Peer-to-Peer: An Interview with Matthew Hintz, Co-Founder of Solomons Lot

Peer-to-Peer is a series of Q&A style interviews with members of the Chia community. This interview is with Matthew Hintz, Co-Founder of Solomons Lot, a real estate investment company looking to bring tokenized real estate on to the Chia blockchain.

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Hi, thank you for answering some questions for our readers about your upcoming project on tokenized real estate on the Chia Blockchain.
Can you tell us about your background and share what made you initially interested in Chia?

My background is as an entrepreneur and I found out about Chia back in 2021 through my hosting provider. It was a small company in the Netherlands that purported you could farm Chia on their servers (obviously a bust of an idea). I found out that Bram founded the company and studied their white paper deeply. This made me realize the applications the blockchain would have in Real Estate.

For readers that did not catch the recent Twitter Spaces where you introduced your project, can you give them a high level overview on what you’re looking to accomplish?

We are allowing users to buy and sell fractions of Real Estate and investments in Fix-and-Flips on the blockchain. These tokens will be sold at a discount compared to market value and can be traded up to market value. When the house sells, the users are automatically paid out based on their percentage ownership.

Twitter Spaces where Matthew Hintz introduces the project starting at 1:18:50.
What features on the Chia blockchain make it particularly suitable for tokenizing real estate? Are there primitives (VCs, CR-CATs) that you’re waiting to mature or are you writing your own Chialisp?

We are writing our own Chialisp. The coding language is what makes this possible, the ability to secure ownership and make sure that people can trade real estate fairly and  securely. I can’t talk too much about this area of our project. 🙂

What does the initial MVP look like? Will tokenization be limited to properties within your state?

Properties will not be limited to our state, we will actually be introducing properties in 20 major markets, but we will start small. We will be offering properties that we own up for sale at first and slowly move to our network of investors as we build our proof of concept. MVP is at (it should be fully functional soon).

Preview of the UX for Solomons Lot, not fully functional yet.
How do you envision this project growing? Do you have plans to expand to other states/countries/asset types?

Solomons Lot will always be a Real Estate company, we hope to create a strong market with thousands if not tens of thousands of properties being traded securely on the blockchain. We see this as having global application, but my number one goal is to give faster and cheaper money to homeowners and provide investment deals to retail traders that actually give a good return.

What do you think about the future of Chia? Outside of your project, are there particular use cases or projects you’re most looking forward to?

Our project really opens the doors to how mortgages and other debt instruments are tracked and secured. We have had some other fun conversations in the Real Estate world about closes being done on the blockchain, but right now we think that capturing even a fraction of the Real Estate market on our platform could change the way people invest their savings and unlock all of our homeowners equity so they can spend their equity without taking on more debt.

Thank you for taking the time to chat, is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

We will be doing our alpha trade soon. If anyone is interested in being a part please email me at

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