This Week In Chia #21 – 2024 Week 21

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/05/19 – 2024/05/25


  • @Lucky8Token announces data center suffered storm damage (edit: tornado). All splits are safely locked on chain, but they may not be processed to wallets for up to a week. • Source
  • @warpdotgreen announces public beta is now Live! Warp.Green is a cross-chain messaging protocol that currently allows sending data between EVM and coinset (Chia) blockchains. • Source • Docs
  • @CHIAXGRANT announces the next monthly donation project of Chia Ecological Foundation is @Circuit_DAO! ChiaXGrant has awarded 25 XCH to CircuitDAO’s donation address and issued the a Chia Elite NFT badge! • Source
  • Discord user adschmidtedly announces 50,000 XCH sent to the market maker in the Chia ecosystem. • Source
  • @steppsr announces This Week In Chia is moving back to a traditional web-host and will not be served from DataLayer for now. This will give me time to work on some backend enhancements for easier maintenance. Web-hosting will be re-evaluated once @michaeltaylor3d‘s DecentralizedHost is released this summer/fall. • Source


  • @michaeltaylor3d announces DecentralizedHost (formerly dighub) enabling unstoppable, planet-wide data infrastructure, on the the most ambitious projects to be built on the Chia Blockchain… coming Summer-Fall 2024! New tools and infrastructure that make getting your data into datalayer as easy as committing to GitHub, lowering the bar to entry as low as possible. • Source 1 • Source 2
DecentralizedHost Landing Page





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