This Week In Chia #8 – 2024 Week 8

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/02/18 – 2024/02/24


  • @ChiaNameService announces the first round of CNS airdrop is complete! In total 5,176,508 $CNS tokens were airdropped with 91.18% aimed at CNS domain-bound addresses. See the source for more details. You can trade now on Dexie & TibetSwap. • Source
  • @Tangem posts “Did you know that you can swap XCH — the Chia Network’s native coin — in Tangem?” There is no need for any external exchanges! Swap any crypto for #Chia in Tangem Wallet via the simple and secure interface designed especially for crypto swaps through several third-party providers. • Source



Winter Monkey #288 (MintGarden)




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