This Week In Chia #3 – 2024 Week 3

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/01/14 – 2024/01/20


  • @jde5011 announces applications for ASIC timelords have officially closed. Chia will be reaching out to the selected applicants over the next few weeks to arrange payment and shipping. • Source 
  • @acevail_ announces that MintGarden is now a PWA (Progressive Web App)! Web push notifications can be enabled for your profile. It also now has golden PWA badge on @storedotapp • Source • Source 2 • MintGarden on
  • @smertxfo0d announces upcoming Chia Online Conference 2024 on September 28th. He is organizing speakers & events now. • Source
Chia Ecosystem Map (January 2024 Update). Source:


A front-end for the splash protocol for sharing Offer Files, created by @acevail_.



  • @thecryptoecho posts “Building the Chia NFT Collection – TGC 613 in the TangGang on Chia Collection by nftparodymaster” video on YouTube. Check out his channel, he has many Chia videos up. • Source


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