This Week In Chia #27 – 2024 Week 27

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/06/30 – 2024/07/06


  • @xch_universe announces they are shutting down on July 9th. • Source
  • @Circuit_DAO announces documentation updates including the corresponding puzzles. • Source
  • @warpdotgreen post thread on expected brief downtime while dealing with a malformed message. During the period, users will not be able to finish bridging their funds. • Thread
    Update 1: fix has been pushed and validators have been notified about the update.
    Update 2: the situation has been resolved and the bridge is now working again.


Screenshot of Farming Calculator Update
  • @FrodoWallet announces Beta version 1.3 of Frodo Wallet is live for Android & Web. Improvements to Add Token, Token Lookup, and Batch Send. Better NFT image loading, simplified interface, and partial new offer format support! • Source
  • @michaeltaylor3d announces DIG Node’s docker-compose file is now available to run the entire required stack, including chia wallet, option fullnode, datalayer, and the DIG Node itself. Each new update is making it more streamlined to be a DIG Node operator! • Source
  • @chia_mine releases version 14.2.0 which supports the latest API’s of `chia-blockchain@2.4.1`. • Source
  • @foxypool announces Foxy-Farmer v1.24.0. • Source
  • @Rigidity16 releases the first alpha version of Rue. Rue is a new typed language for the Chia blockchain. • Source • Rue Docs




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