This Week In Chia #26 – 2024 Week 26

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/06/23 – 2024/06/29


  • @SumSetTech announces they are actively seeking developers, designers, and anyone passionate about building a decentralized future! Check the post for email address. • Source


  • @chia_project releases version 2.4.1 which fixes an issue with light wallet syncing. It is recommended to upgrade if you only use the light wallet. Release is optional for farmers, full node users, and users who connect to trusted full nodes. • Source • Chia Downloads
  • @foxypool announces Foxy Pool 2.4.1 with OG pooling 1.6.1 • Source


  • @chia_project Live Streams “Community Spotlight – Rigidity Wallet SDK” and it’s now available on YouTube to rewatch. • Source • Watch


  • @thecryptoecho posts “Why create #chia nft offers?” with a list of 7 great reasons why! • Source



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