This Week In Chia #24 – 2024 Week 24

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/06/09 – 2024/06/15


  • @dexie_space announces first governance proposal in testnet will be soon. If you want to participate in the test vote, make sure to have some TDBX ready before the snapshot takes place. You can grab TDBX on Dexie Testnet. • Source


  • @MintGarden_io announces improvement on displaying mints! Multiple mints within the same collection are now properly displayed, prices are shown in the overview, and minting with Goby is even simpler! Also, active mints show up on profile pages! • Source • Mint on Chia
  • @greenapp_io confirms there is a problem with the withdrawal of coins after the blockchain update. They are expecting an update within 24 hours to address. • Source




  • @chia_project posts must-read thread on how CNI is delivering a well-designed blockchain! • Thread


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