This Week In Chia #18 – 2024 Week 18

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/04/28 – 2024/05/04


Full node count across various blockchains. Source:
  • @chia_project announces @hoffmang will be speaking at the @DubaiFinTechSum next week on May 7th during two panels. “Governing the Decentralized: DeFi’s Future and Regulation,” and “Crypto: Navigating The Frontier Of Financer”. Read all about it in the Business Wire article “Chia Network CEO Gene Hoffman to Speak at Dubai Fintech Summit“. • Source
  • @chia_project announces Chia Academy Timelord Contest is now open for submissions! Submit your Chia Academy course before June 1, 2024 at 0359 UTC for a chance to win your very own Timelord! Full details in the article “The Chia Academy Timelord Contest is Now Open!“. • Source
  • @ChiaNameService announces they’ve tidied up the CNS cold wallet using @pawket_app offline signing. Also all registration fees from the past year (26.7 XCH) have been donated to @CHIAXGRANT! • Source
  • @ChiaNameService announces Registration partnership with HemaDAO, Hezuoshe, OzoneWallet, SeasonsHomeNFT, Spacescan, and TangGang! Register a name via one of the partnered agents and they’ll automatically get 5% royalty from each registration. • Source
  • @cameroncooper gives a sneak peek about the on-chain options contracts he has been building. Will allow your to sell put/call contracts, resell that contract, and create offers to make/sell contracts. Powered by offers and NFTs and a custom inner puzzle. • Source






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