This Week In Chia #16 – 2024 Week 16

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/04/14 – 2024/04/20


  • @chia_project announces @hoffmang is speaking at the Brown Rudnick Global Blockchain Conference! His panel explores front ends and the tech challenges of removing intermediaries to ensure users can enjoy the benefits of Decentralized Finance. • Source • Read article
  • @SlowestTimelord posts about @warpdotgreen bridge process coming soon! ETH (from L1 or Base) will be wrapped as an milliETH CAT on #Chia. • Source
  • @michaeltaylor3d post project status thread teasing May is shaping up to be another big push for DIG Node development. BLS Library in C# by @Dkackman, pull request submitted to chia-blockchain to activate installable third-party datalayer modules, .dat file parser to speed up read performace by 1000x, download page for Sprout UI, and deprecating for to make datalayer feel more like Git. • Thread
  • @chia_project announces Chia Academy Community Contest! If you have a great course idea for the blockchain, submit it for a chance to win a Timelord! The contest will start on 5/1/2024 and end at 0359 UTC on 6/1/2024. • Source
  • @NFTr_pro announces in light of upcoming changes from, NFTr will be adding support for 10 storage options., Arweave, Pinata, Filebase, QuickNode, Fleek,, Lighthouse, Thirdweb, and Infura. • Source •
  • @XCHLDN announces Brighton BeaXch Meetup! First XCHLDN event outside of London, in Brighton on May 17th. • Source • Full details
  • @CHIAXGRANT announces the first monthly donation project of Chia Ecological Foundation is @spacescan_io! ChiaXGrant has awarded 25 XCH to Spacescan’s donation address and issued the first Chia Elite NFT badge! • Source
  • @anewformofmusic teases new recurring European Chia Space on Tuesdays. • Source


  • @Quirky_Giraffes releases Chia Unity Series NFT collection, available for just 0.05 $XCH each! Celebrate the #Chia community’s spirit and grab your token of appreciation. Own a piece of this unique tribute today! 🦒💚 • Source • See Collection
Quirky Giraffes – Chia Unity Series (Source: MintGarden)
  • @Evergreenminer announces Fast Farmer! The Evergreen team has been hard at work with MadMax making a Chia farming client that is fast, simple, and ready for big and small farmers alike. Supports all plot styles (DrPlotter coming soon), supports Evergreen Community Node for syncless farming, TUI or CLI, Works with all pools, plus much more! • Source • Fast Farmer




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