This Week In Chia #12 – 2024 Week 12

Credit: This Week In Chia by @steppsr

Dates: 2024/03/17 – 2024/03/23


  • @steppsr announces the moratorium on NFTs has ended and new offers have finally be created! • Source • View Collections
  • @Rigidity16 announces a Chia mobile & desktop wallet named Sage! It’s still early in development, but if you want to get updates on its progress and see sneak peeks, join the Discord. • Source • Join Discord
  • @XCHcentral announces they’re back… kinda! XCHcentral has moved to substack. Here’s hoping we see some new posts soon! • Source • XCHcentral


  • @spacescan_io announces .xch names integration! Effortlessly resolve NAMESDAO names ensuring easy accessibility. • Source
  • @steppsr posted X Poll about updating TXCH Faucet to be Testnet11, both TN11 & TN10, or doesn’t matter. Testnet11 only won! The site will go down this weekend while it is converted to TN11. For now I’ve increased the payout to 20 TXCH per request. Get some TN10 TXCH while you still can. • Source
  • @icerdesign announces update for Mixch. Calculate coin id from address/amount/parent, batch hex to address conversion, testnet11 support, and more example in coin gallery! Check it out! • Source
  • @foxypool announces Foxy-Farmer v1.22.0 with support for configuring a local DrServer to first run wizard. • Source
  • @foxypool announces Foxy-Farmer v1.22.1. Updated DrPlotter to 0.11.0 to fix critical bug. • Source
  • @SlowestTimelord shares critical update for DrPlotter users. Previous versions had a bug where it may not be able to form a block due to a race condition. Plots are fine but the harvester needs to be update to 0.11.0! • Source • DrPlotter v0.11.0




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