CAD Trust Launches Public Data Dashboard

The Climate Action Data Trust (CAD Trust) has launched their Public Data Dashboard to enhance transparency in carbon markets.

The new CAD Trust Public Data Dashboard shows a summary of the activity on the global CAD Trust database run on the Chia blockchain.

Some highlights of what’s tracked on Chia so far:

  • 1.54B issued carbon credits
  • 716M retired carbon credits
  • 17K+ active projects

This new dashboard also provides a friendlier UX for the public that may not care about the underlying auditable data. See this project from Bhutan to see the difference between the Data Dashboard view and the Observer Node view.

Project Details on CAD Trust Public Data Dashboard
Project Details on CAD Trust Public Observer Node

With Verra, Global Carbon Council, EcoRegistry, BioCarbon Registry, and UNFCC’s Clean Development Mechanism onboarding their datasets, these parties alone account for 65%+ of the carbon credits issued globally.

Source: Berkeley Voluntary Registry Offsets Database, data up until November 2022.

The next biggest registry, Gold Standard, is also in partnership with Singapore and Verra to onboard their projects, at which point Chia will be powering the most trusted source of truth for carbon projects and token issuance.

A previous lack of transparency, trust, and standards in carbon markets have been factors holding back adoption. CAD Trust is the result of cooperation of registries, companies, and governments utilizing a secure public blockchain to address that.

Author’s note: Technology is a means to an end so it is understandable why it is rarely a focus, but this marks one of the few times the CAD Trust
publicly recognizes that it is powered by Chia under the hood.

Press release recognizing the Chia blockchain underpinning the CAD Trust.
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