Initial Code for Enhanced Farmer-Harvester Protocol

Harold (the primary developer behind the Bladebit plotter) just revealed initial work on the a new Chia farmer-harvester protocol improvements to allow third party harvesters to integrate with the open source node while maintaining decentralization.

The improvements so far enhance the communication between harvester and farmer, creating an audited way for the harvester to request a redirect of reward address to be paid as a developer fee.

What’s still to come is an agreement on *when* the harvester is allowed to take the fee. Currently we’re trusting the harvester and just monitoring the aggregate results after-the-fact. A verifiable convention would benefit both parties by removing any doubt.

I expect Max to implement Gigahorse into this protocol and get people on the fence using GH. I hope NoSSD also decides to integrate but I’m less certain. Though it may help increase their user base, it’s very different from their current design and most likely requires a replot.

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